Home Loans made easy!

Applying for and obtaining a home loan does not have to be stressful or difficult. With a professional like Craig Corbett the whole process is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Craig has access to more than 30 mortgage lenders including the big banks and can tailor a solution for you and your family.

Better still, he has a simple, 7-step process to help anyone with the mortgage process.

And he can help you. Today.

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A quick note from Craig Corbett

Did you know ...

Did you know there are more than a hundred banks and lending institutions in Australia ready and willing to arrange a home loan for you?  And each of those lenders have dozens of loan products to fit almost any situation you could dream of  ... or dream up !

So, how do you choose ?

How do you choose one bank from another (after all they all look the same, don't they ?)

And how do you work out the difference between all the different loan products (surely you'd need a team of economists with more than a dozen computers to work out which loan is best ?)

Should we choose a variable, fixed or split loan (do you know the difference ?)

What about a deposit ?  With the price of houses these days a healthy deposit is almost impossible to save.

What about these new 100% loans (no deposit required) or maybe Mum and Dad can use the equity they have in their own home to help with the deposit (called a "family pledge" loan) ?

And with interest rates changing all the time how do you ensure the best choice for a loan that's expected to last 25 or 30 years ?

The whole thing would give any normal person a headache just thinking about it !

We worked out a simple answer !

I can hear you say, "Is there a simple, time-saving way to wade through all this nonsense and make a fast decision about the best loan to suit my circumstances so I can get on with shopping for a property ?"

Yes, there is !  And we've been offering this simple solution to home buyers and mortgage borrowers for almost 20 years.  Now you too enjoy the same service.

But, what does it cost ?

Actually, our service won't cost you anything.  I know, that sounds ridiculous, doesn't it ? 

Our service is pretty simple.  You contact us by phone or email.  We have a quick chat about what you need and when. We come to your home (so long as it's in Sydney, or nearby).  When we get there we'll discuss your individual circumstances and input the results into our computer. Within seconds we'll be able to suggest the best loans to match your needs.

If you then instruct us to arrange a home loan for you the bank you choose will pay us a service fee for helping you find the right loan and preparing all the documentation (and there's lots, believe me).  Mind you, the cost to you won't be anymore than if you went to the bank yourself !

Does our service sound like something you would find helpful ?

If it does, you're welcome to call me at anytime on 0418 204 120

Best Regards

Craig Corbett